Water treatment

Product overview 

High-performance polymer organic coagulant

Polymer organic coagulant is high-performance water-soluble polymer used for high liquid separation process such as precipitation, filtering and concentration in multifarious realms of industries.
 Since polymer organic coagulant has exceptional solubility and reaction time, it can be applied to any treatment method of sedimentation or flotation. 

By coagulating bigger particles of sludge, it excels in dehydration and turbidity removal. We are committed to developing and supplying grades suitable for the properties of each wastewater by improving the coagulation point for each process. 

Applied areas

Paper wastewater, leather wastewater, plating wastewater, paint industry wastewater, construction industry wastewater, excrement wastewater, chemical wastewater, dyeing wastewater sewage, water purification, industrial water, dairy industry wastewater, chemical wastewater containing oil, metal wastewater, purified wastewater, food wastewater, textile industry wastewater, machinery and automobile industry wastewater, etc.

Packing unit

High-performance polymer organic coagulant

  • White powder: Packing of 10 kg / 25 kg
  • Liquid: 25 kg [PE]
  • Bulk: 1M/T.TANK LORRY